Class Descriptions

Gentle yoga, the student will learn basic yoga asanas (postures), will learn to listen to the body, learning the use of skill not force, use of core strength for safety and security, breath awareness.

Two or more years in yoga practice. Includes inversions, more energetic flow for energy, strength, endurance and flexibility.

Improves strength, endurance and spinal alignment.  A by product of Hatha is flexibility.  Expand upon the basics of sun salutations (ashtanga) moving mediation, breath work and postural alignment. Class is for women and men interested in learning standing and sitting postures, vinyasa flows and beginning inversions.

Mind Body Spirit Yoga

Curious about the devotional side of yoga?
Want to enhance a spiritual side to your yoga practice?
What to reduce stress?
Or new to yoga ?   ~ This class is for you. 

This class will open up your mind, body and spirit. 

It will include breathing techniques, a beautiful yoga practice and intro to meditation
It will teach you how to stretch and relax both your body and your spirit. 
Yoga is about freedom. 
This class will allow Freedom from pain in your body and freedom from stress. 
Yoga allows you to be free to be who you are. 
Yoga helps you create your “best self” proves 

Somatic Flow
Yoga is a combination of somatic warm up, classic hatha yoga, vinyasa, and relaxation. Somatics is a series of small movements that encourage self awareness and creates freedom in movement.

Yoga for Horsemanship
Understand how awareness of our breath and stability may affect the horses we work with. Breathing practices and gentle somatic movements will guide us into proceeding with grace and mindfulness. While this class informs the horse rider of any discipline, all are welcome and may benefit from the practice.

Yin Yoga

Yin is a form of restoration that compliments the dynamic "yang" style of yoga classes.  Yin poses are held for 3 minutes each, utilizing soft props to support a deep release.  The superficial muscles soon relax, and the deeper tissues follow.  Ligaments, joints and fascia get TLC, with a special emphasis on the connective tissues of the spine, hips an pelvis.  Props will be provided, and you are welcome to bring your favorite cushioning from home.  Benefits include:  improved flexibility, improved posture, stress and anxiety reduction, balanced nervous systems.

Youth Yoga Classes

Class for non-adults!  A variety hour of stretching, laughing, playing, headstands, games, hard work, gentle work, mediation, pretending to be animals, lying still and jumping around.  Like Jason Crandell says, "Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who are are."

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